Criminal Law

We represent our client in all stages of criminal proceedings and in all instances.

Anti-Corruption Legislation

We assist clients in alleged violation of Anti-Corruption Legislation.

Protection of Business

We protect clients from illegal raiders of businesses, illegal actions of regulatory bodies, and unfair competition.

International Legal Assistance

Effective assistance in cooperation with our international partners.

Tax and Accounting

A comprehensive strategy designed to maximize profits and minimize tax burden and risks.


Complex audit of companies' activities and its’ counterparties, regarding compliance with the current legislation, detection of internal vulnerabilities.

Extrajudicial Settlement of Disputes

Amicable settlements are often more beneficial for both disputing parties than a court of law. Personal approach to essential requirements, perceptive to the specifics of the situation, confidentiality.

Corporate Disputes

Disputes and conflicts arising between parties of a corporate legal relation regarding acquisition, execution and dissolution of corporate rights and interests.

Labor Relations and Disputes

Building effective personnel policy for businesses. Protection of rights and interests of individuals

Protection of Property

Property rights are at the basis of a free market economy and should be defended at all levels in case of violations.


It is impossible to successfully implement energy projects without the effective assistance and advice of lawyers. The development of alternative energy sources is challenging for all market participants

Transport and Infrastructure

Attracting financing and investment in transport and infrastructure projects is a long-term development which should be as safe as possible for all participants

Investment and Finance

Legal expertise protects not only the investor, but also the founder of the project, because each side has the right to decline to cooperate before signing an agreement

Agriculture Business

Ongoing legal reforms and public conflict over the right to alienate land make it necessary for business owners to be as vigilant and cautious as possible in their actions in this field

Foreign economic activity

Our country in general and businesses in particular are interested in developing foreign markets, establishing long-term ties with foreign partners


Legal assistance for the industrial production sector is essential for normal business operation

GR (interaction with public authorities)

Establishing a constructive relationship between business and government ensures success to both sides.

Drug and Pharmaceuticals

The industry is rapidly emerging from full state dependency, creating a huge private sector business field that is already active, but the legal regulations of the sector are quite confusing


The retail sector in Ukraine is dynamic and constantly boosted by new players, among which leading international companies play an important role

Hospitality and Restaurant Business

Outdated legislation is giving way to progressive regulations, pressure of regulatory bodies is converting into recommendations, whilst the business sector sharing responsibility is growing.

Real estate and construction

Land issues, construction and real estate transactions require analysis and systematic legal assistance, because errors in the choice of partners and counterparties, as well as ill-prepared contracts can result in significant losses.

Telecommunications, Media, Technology

Full legal assistance for projects in TMT can only be provided by a team of qualified professionals performing according to international law in this sector.